How to Get a Green Card to Work in the USA

get-a-green-cardSecuring a green card can be a complicated and somewhat arduous process but with a little help it can almost always be attained. Many foreign visitors are plenty happy with the short term visas they usually hand out on the planes. However, for those wishing to live and work in the US for a longer period of time a green card is a necessity. There are many avenues which you can employ in getting your green card.

First things first, you need to determine which avenue you will use to get your green card. For most people that want to live and work in the USA, the family option is the most common and should be considered first. This path is fairly straight forward and allows for a relative to petition on your behalf to be able to live in the US.

Let it be known that if you really want to qualify to live and work in the United States, it only makes sense to seek out help from people who’ve gone down this path before. Let this site be your guide and learn all you can.

  • If you are a US citizen’s spouse, the unmarried child (under 21) of a US citizen, or the parent of a citizen over the age of 21 then you will probably be able to have that relative petition on your behalf. This is probably the easiest path and is most definitely the most common.
  • The procedure is mostly the same if you are a relative of someone who is a permanent resident but not yet a US citizen. The process will be slower in this instance.
  • Your status under the immediate family category will change if you turn 21 or get married and may be significantly more challenging.
  • Special family situations exist which will allow you to attain a green card through the immediate family avenue. Most commonly if you are a widow or widower of a US citizen, if you are the battered spouse or child of a citizen or if you are the child of a foreign diplomat who was born in the USA.

Determining Whether You are Eligible for a Green Card Through a Job

There are many subcategories to this category of attaining a green card. Most have to deal with whether you have been offered a job in the US, have made some sort of investment or have a qualifying specialized job.

The most common route is you have been offered a permanent job in the US. To get a green card through investment you need to have invested $1,000,000 to $500,000 in a specialized job area and be able to create 10 or more US jobs. If you are an extraordinarily skilled individual (usually Nobel winners and premier athletes) than you can self petition in that category. There are also special job categories which you can file under, most notably now an Iraqi or Afghan translator.

Determining if You Qualify Under Refugee or Asylum Status

This course of action is for those who entered the country as a refugee or asylee, or are a family member of someone who entered the country under one of those statuses. You are required to be in the country for one year before applying and if you entered as a refugee you have to apply after one year. An asylee is not required to apply after one year.

The next step is filing the correct form for your situation. This is where things can get quite daunting and even confusing. Not to worry, services like that offered through the links on this page will get you into the lottery and even provide you with helpful updates regarding your status. How do I get a green card does not need to be the stressful and anxiety producing endeavor that it has become for many people.

You’re going to need help and a reputable, affordable and all inclusive provider like the one the links will take you to will make the process much more streamlined and much less stressful.

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