Answering the Green Card Interview Questions

US Immigration authorities interview a wide variety of individuals seeking to immigrate in an effort to detect fraudulent applications for immigration. However, most often the interview process will be the final step for those seeking to immigrate and obtain a green card through being married to a lawful US citizen. This is due to the fact that this pathway to citizenship is the one most often used in a fraudulent or illegal manner. Authorities are seeking to sniff out sham marriages based entirely on one party gaining US citizenship.

Green Card Interview Questions

Due to the speed and ease with which immigrants are able to obtain a green card through marriage, many immigrants marry for citizenship status as opposed to love. Your paperwork will need to line up with what both parties say during the interview process.

Where Will the Interview Take Place?

If the applicant seeking green card status is not currently residing within the US then the interview process will more than likely take place go through what is called consular processing, which will take place at a consulate or embassy in the applicant’s home country. While it is not necessary for the citizen spouse to attend these proceedings, it is definitely advised that the spouse attend for obvious reasons. If things don’t go well the US authorities may require the non attending spouse to go through a similar process in the US.

Green card applicants who are already residing within the US borders will often times be able to undergo the green card interview in the US, this is called an Adjustment Status and will take place at an Office US Immigration and Citizen Services office. In this instance, both spouses will be expected to participate.

Another important thing to remember during this process is to only send copies of your paperwork into the office for review, never send original paperwork. This is essential as you will never see these documents again. A thorough review of your sent in documents is essential in this process and this is just one way the links on this page can help you in this often arduous process.

What to Expect During the Marriage Interview

The individual in charge of your interview may choose to interview both parties separately or at the same time. This is completely at the interviewer’s discretion and you should plan accordingly for both possibilities. The official will also be trying to discern whether the parties are financially capable enough to not need government assistance.

Both parties will want to review the documents together ahead of time and the link on this page will show you exactly how to do that effectively. You are going to want to show facts that illustrate you and your spouse share a life together. Things like:

  • Insurance policies with both parties named
  • If the parties are living apart, receipts from plane tickets, letter, emails and other conversations confirming visits.
  • Photos of personal events like the wedding, family reunions and vacations.
  • Sworn statements from individuals who know both parties and will swear to them being a married couple.
  • Lease or purchase agreement showing shared responsibility for housing (if living together).

What Kinds of Questions to Expect During the Green Card Interview

The interviewing official will ask a variety of very personal questions and is not limited in the scope or address of the questioning. Some examples of things that might be inquired about include:

  • What kind of birth control do you use?
  • What activities did you undertake for your spouse’s last birthday?
  • What kinds of food and drink did you serve at your wedding?
  • How many people were at your wedding?
  • Who does the cooking and who pays the bills?
  • What color are the drapes or curtains in your bedroom?

If your marriage is legitimate and you truly know and love your spouse than these questions will not be difficult. However, it is most certainly advised that you seek assistance in this process, either through a high priced law firm or by using a full service companion organization like the one you will find by clicking the links on this page.

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